Anonymous asked, "Nicey you should try drawing with your eyes closed"


there’s a good reason why people don’t draw with their eyes closed

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I decided to scan the drawings after all

Anonymous asked, "What are your favorite things to draw? And what characters that you own do you enjoy seeing art of the most?"

I love to draw faces. I love to just draw a head and some weird expression or something and then add some hair and just leave it like that. Fuck bodies man, I love faces and heads and sometimes cool hair! It’s kind of weird to admit, but I really like drawing my friend Scout. Except, I think I’ve admitted this before. I think one time someone thought Scout was my OC because I drew her so much. I also really like drawing drawing myself, especially my eyebrows. I look dumb and it’s great.

I’m sure everyone’s only ever seen two of my OCs, Nathaniel and Jade. I’d LOVE LOVE LOVE art of either of them, but right now I’m on a hardcore quest to get art for Jade. I even have a weebly set up for her. I love Nate and all, but his design’s kind of boring. When I designed Jade, I wanted to make it fun to draw her. I love seeing art of Jade because it’s always different when people draw her. I don’t know what to expect when people draw her! (and that’s super awesome tbh)

Anonymous asked, "Are there any nice mech pencil brands? I use cheap ones and I'm just wondering if you know any really good ones. Obviously cheap ones are just as good, but I'm curious if there are any you could recommend"

I have a little STAEDTLER six pack and they’re pretty good, and I love that it comes in a little tin that I can carry around with me. I also have a DERWENT 38 pack, and it’s full of: “sketching pencils” (which have really soft graphite or whatever it is), “graphic pencils” (which are more coarse and a lot more fragile… they break so easy), regular charcoal pencils (charcoal is wonderful to work with), charcoal blocks and pastel pencils and shit. There’s even a little paper pencil for smearing. I mean, I don’t do a lot with pencils, if you’ve noticed. They’re all really good, in my opinion. I would just get a couple of different pencils and try them out if I were you (art stores sell them all separately anyways). I think I see more people use DERWENT sketching pencils (with the red stripe on the back end) though. I personally use a thick, triangular HB pencil that I found on my teacher’s desk (they let me have it tho) whenever I do /realism/ sketches, and I prefer it over anything else. Otherwise, mechanical pencils are what I use for everything. /sweat

Anonymous asked, "would you mind recommanding some art supplies to get started and then tagging it faq si vous plait?!"

First of all, I apologize for taking QUITE A WHILE to respond to this, and I hope you find this thing even after all of this time.

  • sketchbooks with toothy paper (i recommend medium sized ones rather than notebook sized esp if you plan on taking it around with you)
  • moleskines made for drawing (the thick ones) (these are awesome cause moleskines are just fab and they’ve got the little band that closes it, but the paper is not toothy at all and slightly yellow so keep that in mind)
  • faber castell pens (they work well with copics and are cheaper than the multiliners) (also they smooth as hell)
  • microns/sakura pens are also good alternatives but they’ve got flatter nibs
  • pentel brush pen (i think everyone has one of these plus they’re refillable)
  • get those sketchy sketch pencils (i don’t wanna give out brand names for these because honestly, any pencil will do, even just regular HB pencils)
  • copic markers (beware, they bleed through paper)
  • prismacolor pencils (these things are a whole new level of colored pencil holy shit they blend amazingly)
  • white gel pens (my personal favorite is the white gelly roll pen)
  • ballpoint pens (YES i love me some good old fashioned ballpoint pens- like the super cheap ones. hell yeah these are amazing to draw with DON’T EVEN DOUBT IT)
  • get a little watercolor set cause why not
  • anything you can come across!! i put a lot of random materials in my notebooks like washi tape and stickers and origami paper- just play with what you got
Yo if you want a little goody bag full of stickers and drawings based on your OC(s) let me know coughcommissionmecough cause I’m totally broke and in need if money rn

Yo if you want a little goody bag full of stickers and drawings based on your OC(s) let me know coughcommissionmecough cause I’m totally broke and in need if money rn

Anonymous asked, "how do you feel about that spodur person directly copying your art style..."



There are a lot of thoughts in my mind right now and I’m having kind of a really hard time putting them all in chronological order, so you’re gonna have to deal with a lot of inconsistent rambling from this point on and SORRY BUT YOU PUT THIS UPON YOURSELF (#sorrynotsorry)

First of all, Esther aka “spodur" is my DEAR BELOVED GOOD WONDERFUL FUCKING FRIEND. She literally got the nickname Spoder from a dumb ass typo she consistently made in one of our conversations, and being the wonderful friend that I am, I changed her name on my phone to that typo and it stuck with her ever since (yes the original name is spelled with an e, but that url was taken so she settled for u). She’s literally the only person I hang out with that has a deep passion for the whole drawing thing. So naturally, we draw together all the time when we can (we don’t go to the same school and it takes like 20 minutes to drive to her house vice versa). SO NATURALLY, even though we SIMPLY DO NOT HAVE THE SAME STYLE, we SHOULD have similar styles because we’re practically collaborating all the time. Y’know what I mean, bruh? Friends tend to take stylistic choices out of each other just the way that any other artist in the world would be inspired by others. Ever heard of, “A good artist copies, but a great artist steals.” But obviously we still don’t have amazingly similar styles and she’s obviously not copying my style (also I have many so I don’t even know what you’re talking about exactly). But I’m just saying, for all the friends out there that draw together and draw kind of slightly similar (or whatever you wanna describe it as), it’s perfectly normal and no one should be lashed out against for that.

Okay now that that’s settled, let’s really talk about the “big issue” you’re trying to bring to my attention. It’s crystal clear that Esther and I do not have similar styles. I’m going to make the assumption that you are assuming that she’s copying me because of the drawings that I had just reblogged. The traditional drawings, right? Yeah, WHOOPTY DOO we both enjoy drawing on paper and coloring our drawings with copic markers and then taking pictures of them to post on tumblr!!!1! That doesn’t mean shit, dude. Let’s be real here, she started using copic markers before I did. And she does a lot more shading than I do when she colors. I tend to not shade at all when I color with those markers. That’s already a big difference. Just cause we both use the same media and we both like to draw cool people in cool clothes and stuff (similar subjects or whatever you wanna call it, hey, we’re both on gaia), doesn’t mean we’ve got similar styles. There’s also the subject of what we draw, and it’s true that we draw similar things. Do you know why? It’s because the art that we’ve both been producing lately IS FOR GAIAONLINE. But outside of gaia, we’re into drawing different things. She’s really into that emotional and slightly dark artwork (Esther if you’re reading this, you know EXACTLY WHAT I’M TALKING ABOUT). I’m more into the bright cartoon shit, which is why I have two different styles and I like to draw little comic sketches and things. Also, we don’t own anatomy, so drawing humans is a given. Okay what else?? Hrm. I’m getting kind of lost with what I’m saying.

Let’s just go straight to the cross examination.

I can’t even find a single similarity within these two drawings… Hell, even the colors we use are on completely different spectrums. The body types we chose for the picture? ALSO DIFFERENT. The biggest thing though: the faces. The way that people draw faces tends to be their trademark thing. Now tell me, do the faces on the drawings look similar? Do the heads look similar? The heads aren’t even the same shape! Even our linework are completely different. Look how messy my lines are!! And look at how clean and neat and thin hers are! I can go on and on about this shit, man. OH GOD WAIT…. I THINK I’VE FOUND IT….. I FOUND THE UNCANNY SIMILARITY BETWEEN OUR ARTWORK………… WE BOTH USE FUCKING BLACK. *GASPS IN HORROR*

If Esther really wanted to, she could draw like me (just like I can copy her if I really wanted to), but she doesn’t, because she’s not trying to copy me. She has her own unique style and she enjoys the way that she’s drawing. So don’t come running to me telling me that I should be concerned over some nonexistent problem of someone copying my style because you are damn wrong.

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The people that continuously love my art and show that they do really touch my heart

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